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Douluo Continent (Part Two)
Douluo Continent (Part Two)
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 Also at this time, the cold that had disappeared in Xiaowu's body before suddenly rushed out in an instant without warning, even with Xiaowu's willpower, he almost lost his mind in this sudden and intense pain. Her nerves have been tense, wary of possible crises outside. This sudden extreme chill is filled with a strong smell of killing. In order not to let her cry out in pain, Xiaowu quickly stepped back, raised her right arm, a mouthful on her right arm, the whole body convulsed violently, but she did not let her voice out. She would never allow herself to disturb the resurrection of Tang San. Accompanied by the appearance of the cold torrent, no matter Xiaowu or other people, did not arrive, a layer of light from the foot of Xiaowu quietly spread out, into the Jialingguan Marshal's Hall on the ground. Gradually, the red light has been bearing the terrible cold impact, but outside the meeting hall, there has been a change. At this time, all the Tiandou Empire Baixiong Division were praying silently in the direction of the Marshal's Office. They suddenly saw a red light rising from the marshal's mansion, which was not very strong,plastic pallet crates, but completely enveloped the meeting hall in the marshal's mansion. Do you see that? A soldier exclaimed. Do you have to ask? It must be a sign that Lord Poseidon is going to live. Hurry up and pray for Lord Poseidon. Lord Poseidon has done so much for the Empire. We must pray for him piously. It's also for ourselves and our loved ones. At the same time that the red light had just enveloped the conference hall, in the conference hall, the golden mask that had enveloped Oscar, Ning Rongrong, and Tang San was shattered, and the surging wave of divine power filled the hall in an instant. Not good Shi and Tang Hao turned pale at the same time. Everything around him had turned white at this time. They wanted to make a move, but they all found that their bodies could not move in the white light,collapsible bulk containers, even the people around them could not see. Small dance in the heart also gives birth to the warning sign similarly, but the strange thing is to find oneself in the heart does not seem to worry, but that horrible killing chill is still in the crazy impact on her heart. Xiaowu's teeth had been deeply bitten into the flesh of her arm, and she refused to make a sound because the cold current was raging in her body, but her own heart was still praying for the resurrection of Tang San. The broken golden mask can only mean one thing, that is, Oscar and Ning Rongrong have no extra power to control the mask to protect their breath. Master and Tang Hao will naturally worry that the energy breath here will be exposed and will attract Bibidong. But in fact, although the building in the hall turned white in an instant, the white in it could not break through the red mask just formed outside, and it was completely suppressed without any sign of passing away. Wuhun Empire Camp. Sitting in the tent, Bibidong is slowly repairing his soul, which is more injured than anyone can imagine. In fact, after she killed Tang San, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet bins, the energy burst out in the air, almost relying on the last bit of mind to control. At that time, if the strong side of the Tiandou Empire attacked violently, it might be possible to kill her. But Bibidon's cover is too good. She took Qianrenxue and Hu Liena back to the camp on the grounds of giving the master face. At that time, she already felt that her soul was about to collapse. The soul attack launched by Tang San on his deathbed was terrible. Bibidong's soul had already been defeated by him. Bibidong relied on his second martial soul, which is now the second soul, to pull back part of his damaged soul back to the body and temporarily control his body, which saved his life. The three days she gave to the Tiandou Empire were not so much for the other side to consider as for herself and Qianrenxue. As long as there are three days, she and Qianxue will be able to recover from their injuries. At that time, the Tiandou Empire is in the bag. At this time, Bibidong, who was in a state of repair, suddenly opened his eyes, and a purple light flashed from his eyes. Under her full repair, the spirit has recovered a little. "The breath is gone?"? The wisp of Raksha's mind I left on Tang San has completely disappeared. This means that the spirit of the sea God, which is the host of the spirit, has completely dissipated. Tang San, Tang San, your spirit is really strong, after being completely shattered by me, and then killed, it still persisted for so long before the spirit dispersed. It's a pity, it's a pity. Blue ferocious face reveals a trace of real sigh, Bibidong said to himself: "Tang San's talent is really above me, facing two gods at the same time, but almost killed us together.". His wisdom and strength are really incomparable to me. Just one point, let him succeed in dying with me. Unfortunately, you died at my hands. Closing her eyes again, Bibidong showed a relieved smile at the corners of her mouth. In her consciousness, Tang San was completely dead. The Raksha mind she left in Tang San's body did not bring half an alarm. She thought that she could completely rest assured of repairing her soul. Just wait three days to take over Jialing Pass and even the whole Tiandou Empire. Bibidong and where to know, in order to deceive her, in the Jialingguan marshal's office meeting hall, unexpectedly appeared three God's breath, not only dissolved her silk mind, but also forcibly isolated all the breath of the silk mind. The wound that Tang San was penetrated by Raksha's magic sickle was slowly closed, and it was clear that the muscles and bones inside were recovering rapidly. When the Raksha mind and poison brought into his body by the Raksha sickle were completely purified, this wound Completely fused. Next, is the most crucial place, Tang San's heart is pinched by Bibidong, must reshape the heart, and with the body completely fit, he has the possibility of resurrection. At this time,plastic pallet price, the white light burst out after the fusion of Gusteau and Nine Colors Goddess has risen to a fixed point. Under the white light, the muscles around the huge wound were wriggling violently. The meridians come out of the muscles in peristalsis, and the wounds condense into channels.
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